When the Crazy Golf World Turned Adventure

Crazy golf has long been established as a popular seaside pastime for adults and children. Navigating the windmill and helta skelta slide with a rubbery golf ball lives fond in the memories for many, along with the pier arcades and teeth-breaking sticks of rock. Some may have even found an inland crazy golf course for some non-seaside fun.

Over the last 5 or so years, the crazy golf pastime has taken on a whole new dimension – with large scale, multi-million constructions dwarfing their historical parents. Yes, crazy golf has become truly more adventurous – and none more so than at GolfPlex in Binfield, Bracknell.

The new golf-themed family entertainment park opened on 12 July with their high tech Toptracer Range and they have today announced that the first 2 of 3 Adventure Golf courses will open in August 2021 – the Polar zone and the Jungle zone. Don’t think crazy golf Bracknell – think very much Adventure Golf.

Participants will use a putter to navigate their way around two very distinct zones. The Polar course is packed with life-like animals and spectacular features. Keep watch for the Polar Bear atop the ice cave, take a look inside the Eskimo’s igloo, spot the swimming Sea Lions but don’t disturb the Penguins.

In the Jungle zone, you’re taken on a journey through dense undergrowth and past some amazing wildlife. Putt into the Hippo’s mouth, wave at the Meerkats but take care not to waken the hibernating bear!

The third course, the Desert zone, will open in the Spring of 2022 and promises an equally diverse experience.

It’s certainly a long stretch from the aforementioned windmills by the sea, but that’s the new world of crazy golf for you – altogether far more adventurous. Available ‘on-tap’ for Bracknell residents, young or old, male or female.